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October 28, 2012

Leah invited me in when I didn’t have a place to go…well, it almost worked like that. I was a sophomore in college getting ready to move to Tallahassee to finish up my bachelors degree at FSU. It all happened so fast. I applied to for Florida State’s the Apparel Design Program, was accepted, & would be starting school two months later. Everything was falling into place except I didn’t have a place to live. Literally three weeks before I was suppose to start school I met Leah & Bethany on the fly in Panama City through mutual friends. They just happen to have an extra bedroom in Tallahassee & they were open to the idea of having another roommate. I remember meeting them for dinner at Bonefish & they accepted me into their lives… & their apartment. Ever since we have had a lasting & loving friendship!

Leah is a lover of laughing! She is a free spirit in so many ways. She is the most caring person I have ever met. She loves animals & she love Jesus. I admire who she is inside & out. Oh, Leah is getting married! The phone call I received so such a special day for me & I just could not have been happier for her & Jimmy!

We ventured out to take some engagement photos of the happy couple one afternoon on 30A. Of course, RoseMary Beach was where we ended up. I think it is quite obvious the love they have for each other. I am still convinced their love could move mountains.


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  1. Leah M Glazier says:

    Ames, you are so sweet! I had no idea this was on your site, let alone your kind words. You’re so great, I love you, Ames! Congrats again on the new house, we’re going to enjoy watching it grow! 🙂 love, Jimmy & Leah

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