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I have totally been MIA from blogging the last month and it def hasn’t been because of a lack of weddings & family sessions! I’ll get to work posting some of my favorites soon but I just had to share some photographs from our sweet little guy’s 1st Birthday Party! What a fun time we […]

I had so much fun putting together Bear’s first Easter basket! He will be 6 months old on Saturday so I tried to find things that he would actually enjoy at this age. I looked & looked for ideas all over the Internet & ended up filling his basket up with everything below! {btw, everything […]

It’s official! We have been in our new home for (drum roll)…2 years now! I can’t believe how quickly time has flown since we have moved in. Each room in our home is beginning to feel “complete” but I say that loosely because there are always things I like to tweak & re-arrange. I guess a […]

Contentment. This word is what I want to define my year…really the rest of my life. I have plenty. I have way more than I need. But why do I feel the need to continually buy more stuff, want more stuff, do more stuff? While none of it is necessarily bad…could it be keeping me […]

From the moment our dear friends, Evan & Risa, got their orders to move to Pensacola we started planning our visit. I remember so clearly meeting them at our church one Sunday morning & how instantly we had things in common to chat about. I also remember the first thing they told us about themselves, they were […]

Happy National Dog Day! My two fluffy pups spend everyday keeping me company while I edit endless amounts of photos. They keep us on our toes & constantly bring laughter to our lives. Their personalities, quirkiness, & loyalty help make our days a little brighter. Here’s some snap shots of them at their dirtiest & fluffiest which is […]

I need to stay away from anywhere that sells clothing, jewelry, shoes, & bags. I just can’t help myself. I am learning that if I just drive to work & drive directly home after work I am in the safe zone. Well, at work if I stay out of the warehouse I tend to not […]

Sometimes you just need a fresh start…to something old. My website/blog was something I have not been thrilled about for a while now. Two weeks ago I was on Instagram searching for some inspiration for DeJaVu graphics when I started seeing things that inspired me. I knew I needed to finally fix my photography website […]